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    discover the best recommendations for your stay in the island guide

    Corfu: A Breathtaking Island and Town

    meet magical nature, rich heritage and modern lifestyle

    The splendor of the island allows business people, singles, couples, families and friends to experience Corfu as a dream destination in the Ionian Sea of Greece at the highest level.

    To meet ambitious standards of the best quality and pure joie de vivre, you will be provided with choices far beyond the everyday, whilst we want to protect the charm of the island and preserve it as ‘The Place To Sea’, a paradise for residents and visitors.

    The hippest to the most exclusive recommendations are listed for you – from insider tips of long established businesses to rising hotspots and from the fun and exciting to the trendy or classic.

    ‘The Finest Selection’ inside the Island Guide represents the best recommendations for Corfu in five categories, invoking the island´s beauty as an all-year Greek eden for a longed for break from everyday life or a business trip; stay, eat, drink, explore and shop.

    Discover exclusive addresses for unforgettable moments, choose your favorites from the five categories and enjoy your stay in style.

    Commitment to Five Standards

    fulfil your highest expectations and cultivate the authenticity of the destination


    The owners of a range of quality businesses and members of this network are highly service-orientated in each respective field.

    The members of ‘The Finest Selection’ provide you with a range of stunning options in their businesses, tailored to your personal needs and lifestyle, to make your stay unforgettable.


    The best quality is not only a priority for the private business network, but a personal choice of each member. They lay down the ultimate benchmark in each category assuring you of excellence in their services and products.

    The network combines the highest quality in every field with pure joie de vivre, just what you deserve.


    A distinctive interior design and exterior design is how the premises conceive of the best. The members of the network welcome you with contemporary elegance or traditional aesthetics, offering a high standard.

    You are invited to choose from the selected recommendations which will introduce you to the cosmopolitan, salty lifestyle.


    The network represents the fine heritage of traditional culture and sincere hospitality through their products and services.

    The members are passionately committed to steadily increasing business activities in terms of sustainable tourism in order to keep the destination’s environment and your comfort as the main goal.


    The members identify as a strong private business network to create and maintain the conditions under which the natural beauty of the destination and tourism can thrive in productive harmony.

    To preserve its beautiful nature and high quality of life, the network supports selected charities in their values, work and beliefs.


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