Corfu, the Town and Island

Modern, Cosmopolitan, Beautiful

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Sunbathing, swimming in the sea, strolling through old villages and historic towns as well as savoring the local cuisine – common place things to do whilst enjoying your stay in Greece!

Corfu holds even more for you. The island also has abundant luxurious greenery and has been shaped by various European cultures over many centuries.

All this splendour is reflected in the architecture, the cultural monuments on the island, and the exciting mix of flavours which constitutes memorable Corfiot cuisine and above all in the laid-back, sophisticated mindset of the locals.

A possible source of the Dolce Vita of the Corfiots might be the fact that the Venetians occupied Corfu for centuries and saved it from invasion by the Turks.

Instead of Ottoman symbols, which are evident in other parts of Greece, you can find many Venetian palaces and buildings on the island.

History, Culture, Nature

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The island ´s rich history is displayed in the Old Town of Corfu which has officially been added to the UNESCO World Heritage list to legally protect and preserve this place of cultural importance.

Fortresses, impressive buildings, densely built neighborhoods and graphic squares create a magical setting and reflect centuries of European history.

Take a walk through early antiquity to classical Greece, from Roman to Byzantine times, from the Venetians, the French and the British to the Modern Greece – and stand in awe.

Greece’s most Northern Island is also world-famous for its impressive landscapes and the mesmerizing Ionian Sea. You will be entranced by centuries-old olive groves, majestic mountains and endless beaches next to small bays.

When you are here, you will be charmed by a combination of factors, the lavish landscapes, the sights of history visible everywhere and the charming character traits of the islanders.

Tradition, Style, People

be part of an everyday way of life full of elegance and charm

Corfu has been loved for its irrepressible vitality and the genuine hospitality of the Corfiots since Homeric times. It has been a hideaway, a source of inspiration and a retreat for Greek and foreign intellectuals, artists, political visionaries and royalty.

Persecuted dissenters and those seeking relaxation were able to live peacefully in Corfu and courageously, with independence, they would became the basis of modern, Corfiot society. This spirit is still present and explains the relaxed mentality of the islanders.

The cultured, cosmopolitan lifestyle of many Corfiot families results in a sophisticated but relaxed mindset that is evident in their unadulterated joie de vivre. As a result, Corfu has established itself as a popular holiday destination.

A multitude of guests keep coming back and many of them have chosen Corfu as their permanent or second home. You too will feel warmly welcomed and will be able to integrate easily into the elegant and charming Corfiot way of life.