“COME & STAY” in a paradise

Welcome to Corfu: a paradise in the Ionian

visit us throughout the year, get in touch with nature, learn about a rich heritage and modern lifestyle

We`d ask you to rely on our recommendations, but we´d rather you decide for yourself. Why don´t you just get on the next airplane or jump into your car and take the ferry from the mainland to get away from it all and enjoy a life in style on Corfu.

This breathtaking island in Greece, surrounded by the crystal clear Ionian Sea, stunning beaches and the bustling pace of the town, welcomes you with endless emerald-green landscapes.

Make the Grand Lady of the seven Ionian Islands in the Mediterranean your choice of an all-year Greek paradise for a longed for break from your everyday life or even for your next business trip – if you do need an excuse to come here!



Whatever your reasons for visiting Corfu, the famous centuries-old hospitality of the islanders allows you to discover Corfu as a dream destination at the highest level whether you are a professional, single, a couple, or a family. The accommodations that are offered on the island and in the town receive up to a five star ratings and will suit any of your personal lifestyles.

Whether your choice is to stay in the town or in the countryside, the designs and equipment of the accommodation of your choice will satisfy the most discerning taste.

You might wish to stay in a resort hotel, a small hotel, a villa, a rented room, a residential apartment or a cottage, whether you are arriving by airplane or by car or by ferry, you will be sure to find the ideal spot to spend your holidays.



In this Ionian jewel of an island, the Old Town of Corfu, has become a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where you can stay in the rooms of small stylish hotels or in a fully equipped apartment in the heart of the town near the affluent market where you can feel the three-hundred-year-old atmosphere in the stones and in every crooked corner.

In Corfu, Western European influences have been depicted everywhere over time, on walls, furniture, floors, and even in the doorways of old buildings. The design and architecture, influenced by the Venetians, are elegant and unique.



The facades of the houses are reminiscent of a watercolour palette; the light tiles on the roofs, the multi-storey buildings and the narrow streets, of the Old Town of Corfu compose an aristocratic and harmonious Mediterranean painting with a strong Greek character yet completely different from any other part of Greece.

If you prefer to stay in the countryside with its bounteous, flourishing greenery, you will find villas that were once old family homes. They are all well-sized, some having courtyards, orchards with fruit trees, cool shadows, maybe some marvellous views of the plentiful Corfiot olive groves stretching to the sea, which is never far away from any place on Corfu.

If your villa is in or near one of the dozens of traditional homes, you can enjoy your drink under the pergola of a traditional cafe along with some delicious authentic delicacies. You can discuss politics and football in the spacious village square with the locals or copy the secrets of a traditional recipe from a grandmother waiting and willing to hand down this privileged culinary information.



If you are looking for a seaside view, then your choices of accommodation is endless. You will find ultra-modern resort hotels with impeccably designed rooms and luxurious suites, swimming pools, sports facilities, spas, and restaurants catered by famous chefs.

You will find beach-front villas that provide services and amenities even for the most discerning guests, yet there are also affordable, well-built hotels with balconies off the rooms that almost let you touch the pebbles on the beach. The Corfiot coast offers everything, turning every desire into a reality from high-end luxury to charming simplicity.

Do you prefer the atmosphere of the Old Town, or the wonderful waves of the turquoise sea in the north, or how about adventurous activities in the mountains or in the water? Well, decide for yourself…



In our Island Guide, downloadable as PDF and on our Websites you will find our finest selection, where to stay on the island at the highest level, to enjoy unique experiences on one of Greece’s most magical islands.


We hope to “sea” you soon in this heavenly place!