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The business members of our network, Corfu – Finest Selection, are at your disposal throughout the year, to share their exclusive range of services and products. We ensure that your stay on our beautiful island is unique and unforgettable.

If you have any questions or ideas on how we can expand our services and products, please feel free to let us know.

For New Members

We are a network of business owners who are passionately committed to our guests’ high expectations for an international and elegant lifestyle. We set standards in service, quality, design, innovation and sustainability while we actively preserve Corfu’s amazing beauty and quality of life to offer the highest quality possible for our guests and ourselves.

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Would you like to write about Corfu – Finest Selection and get the latest press release? Do you have ideas about how we could cooperate or be promoted?

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Corfu, Town and Island, an Inspiration

organizing an exclusive network requires an excellent team

Valeska Selini Kuntermann’s aim, as founder of Corfu Finest Selection, together with her managing team and the members of the network Corfu – Finest Selection, is to create unique experiences for stylish and memorable stays on Corfu.

The Island Guide is multilingual and available for downloading valuable information and personalized experiences which have been listed into five categories: come & stay, eat & drink, shop, explore and relax.

The Style Journal provides weekly updates in English on Corfu’s Dolce Vita and Greek lifestyle in glamorous fashion, interior design, beauty care and culinary delights.

The CFS Foundation is committed to implementing global sustainability goals primarily in agriculture and tourism to preserve Corfu as a paradise for residents and visitors.

All members of the network Corfu – Finest Selection voluntarily commit to demanding standards of service, quality, design, innovation and sustainability. They set standards for services and products at the highest level for the targeted, joint marketing and long-term preservation of the popular island of Corfu.

You are cordially invited to experience this island in a special way. Surprise yourself by enjoying your stay to the full. Welcome to Corfu!