“EAT & DRINK” – it´ s delectable!

Eat & Drink – it´s delectable!

be seduced by Corfu’s tantalizing gastronomy

Delectable is the best way to describe the food and drink in Corfu! Whether you are eating typical Corfiot cuisine with a glass of a good local wine in a neighbourhood tavern, or gourmet dishes in a stylish  restaurant,  or you decide to end the evening with tantalising cocktails in one of the many trendy bars, you will be inspired!



There are some exceptional traditional restaurants with typical Corfiot dishes, whose recipes are primarily based on Venetian cuisine. For example you might like to try an authentic pastitsada (a spicy red wine and meat pasta dish), a  spicy well-made fish dish called bourdeto – which comes from the Venetian word ‘brodeto’ meaning broth or the ever-popular fragrant veal sofrito – all of which will excite your taste buds.



And that is just for starters! There are many dishes for you to try. You might like to sample modern urban cuisine that imitates the Venetian, or the ‘choriatiki’ village cuisine that instils pride in the locals by producing uniquely flavoued dishes from basic ingredients, an example being stakofisi (a rich fish stew), which has long been a staple in Corfiot cuisine.



In recent years Corfu offers a choice of flavours and cuisines ranging from Mediterranean, Gourmet, authentic Italian, Bistro, Mexican, Chinese and Japanese, from up market fish restaurants to the ever popular souvlaki and pita outlets.

Corfu is a fertile island offering ample fresh, fragrant ingredients which provide the most demanding chefs with the raw materials to create aromatic and unforgettable meals. Some chefs even grow their own organic ingredients, or acquire the best from certified local organic producers.




Many fish taverns have a fisherman in the family or they work with local fishermen, who arrive early in the morning at the docks to supply the restaurateurs. Some other restaurant owners are up at the crack of dawn to visit the Farmer’s Market so they can buy the freshest of nature’s gifts for their cooking pots.

It’s not uncommon before noon to see the owner of an Italian restaurant waiting in a queue at the supermarket to buy the best cheese and other delectable products for his dishes.

Just as anywhere else in the world, you will be able to eat the most exquisite dishes if you know where to go in Corfu.



But what would great food be without a palatable wine?

Don’t worry; the island has some excellent wines to accompany your meal. Wine lists in all the restaurants have the most wonderful up-to-date Greek and international wines to choose from.

You might like to try the Greek ones, which are truly wonderful products. They have won many awards and will surprise those who are new to them. These Greek wines compare very favourably to the Italian, French and other international wines you will find on the wine lists.



Going out in Corfu, is of course not limited to restaurants. Dozens of cafés and bistros offer excellent coffee from award winning baristas. Most of them offer a wide range of coffee, from cappuccino to Greek coffee, iced or hot.  If you prefer a drink, you can try one of the countless aperitifs, local speciality liquors, classic drinks, inspired cocktails and even rare liqueurs which are available to start or end the evening.

‘Kefi’ a word which expresses jubilance will descend on you as you explore the bars of the island.  Ask the barman, and he will recommend something for every taste and don’t forget the drinks in Corfu are what we call, superior drinks!

The warm atmosphere is such that everyone mingles, the staff are helpful and all this promises to make for a wonderful evening.



Summertime means the beach here, before anything else and Corfiots are well aware of this. They have built spectacular beach bars all over the island with excellent music, great drinks, tasty dishes, and an atmosphere of enjoyment starting from early in the morning until late at night! On the western side of Corfu where the beaches have magical sunsets, a feeling of being in a Hollywood movie set is created.

Food and drinks in Corfu are not just very good, they have style and atmosphere. And something more: a cosmopolitan flair along with a friendly atmosphere, makes Corfu and its amenities a perfect setting for all generations, singles, families and friends. Here everyone cherishes life, food and drinks. Kali Orexi kai yamas, enjoy your meals and cheers!


Enjoy the Mediterranean delicacies and drinks!