Places of exquisite beauty and spectacular adventures await you

find dream destinations on land and by sea to have an unforgettable stay


If you have the impression that  you will only see seascapes and experience vibrant nightlife during your stay in Corfu,  the reality is very different and might also surprise you.

The island with its ever changing landscapes make Corfu a place of endless and exciting exploration. The only question is where should one start!



Sea or mountain. Urban landscape or emerald forests. Culture and monuments or sports activities? Traditional entertainment or exciting nightlife?



There should be no dilemma for you because Corfu escapes stereotypes and if you choose to, you can have it all, whether you are looking for cutting edge culture, small and large scale natural beauty or emotional experiences.

Lovers of history and culture will be captivated. The Old Town, a bustling UNESCO World Heritage Site, generously provides evidence of all the periods of European history. Paleopolis, just two kilometres from the centre, offer a most beautiful stroll between ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine monuments.

The surrounding countryside has the surprising remnants of castles, fortresses, residences and  many small museums that appear, as if by magic through the lush green vegetation.



Lovers of the sea have a plethora of activities to choose from:

Water sports, scuba diving, sailing, surfing, swimming, sea cave exploration, an array of sporting experiences, services like boat rentals and organised transport as well as the opportunity of stepping aboard a guided boat tour, to take in the magic of the sandy beaches on the Corfiot coast.



But sports and adventure are not limited to the sea. For adventure enthusiasts, you can try mountain biking, mountaineering and other sports that are organised by sports clubs all over the island.



There are traditional feasts and festivals for you to enjoy and relax after your exhausting adventures, or simply as a getaway for non-athletic types. These are held in villages all over the island.

The traditional feasts and festivals have survived for centuries, when they were the only form of entertainment and social gathering amongst the village folk. They continue to this day and offer an updated and contemporary take on folk tradition for  locals and visitors to the island.

Corfu is a musical island too. The historic philharmonic bands offer free education to all children and young people of the island.

The band members and musicians, some of them well into their old age, polish their musical instruments and play in parades at every opportunity. Nobody wants to miss out on a concert or musical event organised by members of the various philharmonic bands.



If the places and explorations of Corfu is not to remain just a memory, you might want to add some of that taste and zest to your suitcase. Corfu has a multitude of take home products made out of local, fresh ingredients.

Vegetables and fruits are grown in the small gardens of Eden all over the island, and from them the memorable tastes of your stay on Corfu are produced. All that’s left is to enjoy it!

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