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Corfu is an island that has enchanted poets, kings and empresses. In the past it was inhabited by the Venetians, the French and the British. It is the bridge that connected the East to the West.

It is where Odysseus, sheltered by a princess, found a hideaway and Poseidon cherished conjugal moments with his wife, a goddess and Mermaid.

For us, as business members of this network, the cultural, scenic and social heritage of Corfu is both a responsibility and a motivation to present and authentically preserve the island in a unique way.

The peculiarities of Corfiot history, nature and way of life enrich one`s spirit and soul and the island is a paradise where special moments and unforgettable memories are experienced.

Business people, singles, couples, families and friends of all ages trust us as a network. We offer you the finest selection for your stay and experiencing everything at the highest level.

Commitment & Membership

Our Network’s Commitment

Corfu – Finest Selection is a network of Greek and international business owners who passionately offer visitors a range of services and products far beyond the everyday.

Our network sets standards of service, quality, design, innovation and sustainability. Thus, the high standards of services and products of our network are guaranteed and we attempt to ethically maintain the traditional culture and environment of this beautiful island.

Read more about our network and the selection in our Style Journal about Corfu`s Dolce Vita.

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Members of the Network

Our business members meet demanding standards by being aware of the sumptuous and elegant lifestyle of our guests and have the incentive to exceed their expectations.

Aspiring to the finest, we collaborate professionally and identify ourselves as a strong network to benefit from Corfu’s amazing beauty and laid back way of life. This popular island is promoted through our network and actively preserved for future generations.

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Environment. Animals. Society.

the Places To Sea Foundation

Being blessed to live in a paradise like Corfu, we, the business members of this network, aim to give back what we have so bountifully received. We are committed to preserving the island`s environment, animals and society and to establish a harmony between our economic gain and preserving Corfu’s authenticity. We support the charity association Places To Sea Foundation by taking our responsibility seriously.

The Places To Sea Foundation regularly updates information on the UN Sustainable Development Initiative and attempts to establish UN sustainability goals on Corfu.

Togehter with the Places To Sea Foundation, we envision a healthy environment and society for this island, whilst focusing on two major areas of the Corfiot economy, agriculture and tourism.

We are concerned about the harmful effects of both industries and raise peoples’ awareness on sustainability for the island and ensures that Corfu remains a paradise for everyone.

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