“LOVE” is what it´ s all about

Corfu – Finest Selection, love is what it´s all about

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Corfu depicts love, it is magical. It has a raw beauty and has stunning sunsets. It offers wonderful beaches and breathtaking dawns. During the summer months it has opulent fruit orchards and magical fireflies. Gardens abound with luscious lemons, succulent tomatoes and hammocks are strung from trees around the island.



The pace slows down remarkably when the low season starts; russet leaves bedeck the trees for a while and then fall to the ground. The aroma of vendors frying loukoumades fills the air together with the prospect of the winter holidays to come while Christmas lights decorate the streets.



In Corfu festivities for the holidays begin on the eve of the 12th December. The celebration on the 12th December is the merriest of all and marks a very special day: the feast day of Saint Spyridon, the patron saint of Corfu, who is greatly revered and loved by Greek and the Corfiots.

The 12th December also marks the inception of our network Corfu – Finest Selection to remind us each year that Christmas time is a symbol of an incentive to love and respect our fellowmen, our island as well as ourselves. And this love for Corfu is the motivation behind us organizing this network.



We have spent years exploring the nooks and crannies of the island, from secret culinary delights to outdoor activities, grand parties and hidden beaches and from meaningful and charming Corfiot traditions to modern and sophisticated trends and lifestyles.

The recommendations that we offer in our Island Guide and the weekly updates in our Style Journal, will cater for your every need to have an unforgettable stay on one of Greece´s most magical islands.

All members of the network Corfu – Finest Selection voluntarily commit to demanding standards of service, quality, design, innovation and sustainability. We set standards for services and products at the highest level for the targeted, joint marketing and long-term preservation of the popular island of Corfu. We dare you to visit us all year round and see the finest of Corfu for yourself.



But for now, the festive season has begun. Corfu – Finest Selection officially started and the most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner, it is time to celebrate! Well, let`s raise our glasses and say cheers in Greek to many years and to your health: Cronia Polla and stin ygia sas!


Valeska Selini Kuntermann de Baer, Founder & Editor