“RELAX” and get away from it all


Enjoy the elegant personalized service, tailored to your needs and lifestyle

get away from it all on Corfu and enjoy your stay in style


The passage of time here is alluring! Could it be the greenery intertwined with the silver lining of the olive trees that grow so abundantly all over the island, or the changing moods of the azure blue sea blue that is so magnetic? Or is it the hospitable locals with their wide smiles and their cheerful manner of speaking that makes Corfu so appealing to visitors?



Perhaps it’s simply the blessing of the gods that today’s inhabitants have managed to create a Dolce Vita lifestyle for themselves and for visitors to the island.



From the North to the South of the island, and even in the bustling centre of the town, time has its own pace. The island may be flooded with people coming from the all four corners of the planet, but it’s still the ideal spot for relaxation, tranquillity and meditation.

This natural and harmonious environment offers visitors and the people of Corfu a feeling of being in a hammock, in the shade of the trees, with the sounds of the waves lapping on the sandy beach, whilst overlooking the blue Mediterranean Sea.



In the natural tranquillity of Corfu, you will find state-of-the-art spas in hotels or in private enterprises.

The personnel are highly qualified, they use well-known brands and their facilities meet the highest of European standards.

At Corfu’s spas you will receive the ultimate care and pampering that will allow you to leave feeling like a new person. From the moment you enter the spa till the moment you leave, the quality of service is so fulfilling and satisfying that your sense of touch, vision, and scent will be blissed out.



Aside from the spas, your general well-being can be catered for in Corfu.  There are many well-equipped gyms, and medical and para- medical facilities.

If someone is experiencing musculoskeletal problems or issues with their metabolism, there are health professionals in Corfu who can take care of visitors for the duration of their stay.

If being beautiful on your holiday is a priority, then Corfu has a range of beauty parlours, and hairdressing salons not only in town but all over the island. Nature combines with professionalism in Corfu to help visitors feel like a million dollars.




If you need a personal assistant for shopping trips or your party planning, consultants for law, tax, or real estate issues, medical doctors or childcare specialists,– we have highly-qualified experts for all your needs.



But what value does relaxation and beauty have without the inner peace that is provided by a caring society that looks after the island and its environment!

At Corfu Finest Selection, a portal where you can find everything for your stay in Corfu, there is also a network of the island’s professionals, who promote ecology issues and contribute to actions that ensure sustainability.

Corfu Finest Selection, researches the island’s problems, and doesn’t cover them with beautiful ads and make believe services.

It identifies the problems and the needs, and promotes a solution by working with partners to find ways to implement ecological policies that will produce beneficial results for the island’s environment.

It has also established the CFS Foundation, which focuses on the agrarian economy and tourism, to ensure that Corfu is and will remain beautiful forever.

Knowing that relaxation, beauty, and well-being are valuable for everyone to enjoy, we, at the network Corfu – Finest Selection, make this possible for you and for ourselves.


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