Explore first-rate fashion, elegant jewellery, inspiring art, timeless design and local products

choose from a host of  elegant, high quality, Greek and international brand names


The refined cosmopolitan lifestyle of many of the local Corfiot families is also visible in the elegant, sophisticated range of shopping choices in the Old Town. Corfu is establishing itself more and more as an upcoming style destination for fashion, interior design, beauty care and culinary delights.

…and we feel you…there is probably and definitely nothing left to wear in your closet back home…so let´s go shopping and have some fun!



Well designed fashion by international and Greek designers, stores with international brands, small shops with a wide range of objects, jewellery that can hold its own against any of the big brands worldwide and a plethora of shops selling unique high quality items, make shopping in the Old Town of Corfu an enjoyable experience.

Anyone can create their perfect wardrobe here, regardless of your personal style. Corfu’s shops are geared to to satisfying the exacting demands of a varied clientele from all over the world.

Clothes and Shoes! Accessories and bags! Jewellery! Watches! Art items, designer products. The shops in Corfu have a wide array of choices.



A single visit to the city for shopping is never enough. Walking through the alleys, you will find more and more shops with unique and varied products.

Some of them in the Old Town offer amazing designer outfits by Greek designers, jewellery by Corfiot craftsmen and artists, international brands in fashion and decoration inspired by Greek art, Mediterranean-style accessories as well as stores that sell tasty local foods products.



Every part of the Old Town will reveal something you’ll want to possess, from hand-crafted goods by traditional craftsmen to fashion items that you can also find displayed in famous shop windows all over the world.

The authenticity of wood carvings and decorative items, the elaborate elegance of traditional handmade jewellery, the Mediterranean charm of summer clothes blend creatively with the glamour of international companies, the prestige of famous designers and the classic quality of well-known names in watch-making and jewellery.



The stores in Corfu will inspire you to be creative in your choice of combinations. You will be able to imagine the luxurious jewellery worn over a breezy summer dress of a local merchant combined with Greek leather sandals. You will dream of your dining room table laid with handmade items by an artist.

You will design a look with your favourite brand of shoes to match the clothing of an up and coming Greek designer and the jewellery of a Corfiot craftsman.. You will find top quality items selected with exceptional care and that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Forget the big stores, the enormous shopping centres, the huge impersonal shops. In Corfu, those who love quality, authenticity and appreciate customer service will be sure to find it.  You will be offered the genuine hospitality and customer care service by owners and staff, that you deserve, whether your budget is small or unlimited.

Whatever your lifestyle, in Corfu you will be part of a shopping experience filled with personalized charisma, elegance and charm.


Let`s get ready to shop for your loved ones and yourself. Find out here what Corfu Town has in store for you!