Wine & Dine Charity Event at the Theotoky Estate


Wine & Dine, our first charity event at the Theotoky Estate

let´s start a journey exploring the history of Corfiot gastronomy and agriculture together


Tradition is important at the Theotoky Estate, the historic winery nestled in Corfu’s verdant green heart. Generation after generation of the Theotoky family has carefully nursed and cultivated the estate’s soil, which is now recognized as producing some of the country’s very best wine. The Theotoky name is one that the island of Corfu is rightly proud of, serving as it does as a bridge to Corfu’s golden past.

Now imagine that you could be part of a project to build more such bridges, to connect Corfiots today with their future generations. Imagine a treasure trove that could last forever, an eternal store of value that not only helps Corfiots preserve their rich traditions and culture, but also serves to protect the environment and the island’s natural beauty.

This is the aim of the Environmental Protection Association of Corfu, a group dedicated to the preservation of nature on Corfu, one of Greece’s greenest islands. And what could be more important? We are called upon daily to recognise our responsibilities in the face of seemingly unchecked environmental degradation. But you do not need to look to the Amazon to do your part – you can start in your own back garden.

These sentiments resonate strongly with us, Corfu – Finest Selection, as we value sustainability in the businesses with which we collaborate. It is with this key sentiment at the forefront that we as Corfu – Finest Selection are proud to have teamed up with the Theotoky Estate and the Environmental Protection Association of Corfu to help raise money to enable the association to achieve its worthy goals.

On the evening of October 12th, the Theotoky Estate is kindly and generously hosting for free the Corfu – Finest Selection’s first charity event. In this beautiful setting guests will be able to learn from esteemed speakers, enjoy local organic drinks and delicacies, and relax to gentle music, all while contributing to the preservation of Corfu’s natural environment.


You may be one of the many millions of people around the world that has been inspired by environmental activists that are helping do more to wake people up to the realities of our planet’s plight more than ever before. They have been so positively influential, but one does not need to match these activists notable impact to make your own helpful contribution. Start with the small things, the less burdensome things, and work up from there. And what could be smaller and less burdensome than an evening at the Theotoky Estate, relaxing amongst friends, listening to good music and interesting talks, all while enjoying delicious local food and wine?


Admission to the event via guest list only – get your ticket now and write to, call +30 697 48 59 838 or contact via their social media channels, facebook & instagram / CorfuFinestSelection. Delighted seeing you there.

Text: Kitty Kitty Jones // Photo Credits: Theotoky Estate &  Corfu – Finest Selection