Wine & Dine Charity Event hosted at the Theotoky Estate

the evening raised money for environmental protection on Corfu

On the evening of Saturday, October 12th, 2019, our very first charity event was held at the Theotoky Estate. Guests were invited to sample organic wines and local delicacies as they explored the history of Corfiot Gastronomy and agriculture.



The tradition of sustainable, organic agriculture is fundamental to the Theotoky family. For generations, the family has carefully nursed the vines which are now recognised as producing some of the country’s very best wine.

The Theotoky name is one that the island of Corfu is rightly proud of, serving as a bridge to Corfu’s golden past. We are honoured to be working in collaboration with the Theotoky Estate to achieve shared goals of sustainability, on the island we both call home.



As a private business network, we have begun to fulfil our mission to actively preserve the beauty and authenticity of Corfu for guests and residents alike.

To preserve the natural state of the island, our business network encourages and develops sustainability in both tourism and daily life, supporting local charities and taking personal action. This is why one of our first business members, the Theotoky Estate, has kindly and generously hosted our first charity event for free.



Upon arrival, guests were welcomed into the lovely wine cellar by the smooth sound of music from DJ Spiros Kardamis. The venue was elegantly decorated by professional floral designer, Lily Klokana from Lily Fleur Corfu.

The menu for the evening was designed and centred around authentic local delicacies from Corfiot and Greek organic producers. Guests were seated in tables of ten, which allowed them to engage with friends old and new on the night, all whilst contributing to the preservation of Corfu’s natural environment.



The event was originally organised to benefit the Environment Protection Society Corfu, who are a group dedicated to the preservation of nature on one of Greece’s greenest islands. From this group, a new generation of members has formed a registered charity named Corfu Agro.

Corfu Agro is a multipurpose farm which seeks to give people the motivation to discover an ecologically balanced way of life and also learn about the environment and culture of Corfu. Everything they do is according to a thoughtful, practical and biodynamic approach. For more information, please visit

We invited esteemed author, teacher and environmental activist, Giannis Tsirimiagos as our guest speaker on the night. From Giannis, we learned the importance of functional ecosystems on the island and how they are being destroyed by tourism.

Although many Corfiots depend on tourism, it is important to maintain the balance of nature. After all, it is the beautiful landscape that brings tourists to Corfu.



More and more, environmental activists are waking people up to the realities of our planet’s plight, but we as individuals do not necessarily need to match this level of activism to still have an impact. Instead, we can each contribute on a smaller scale, by attending events that educate and fundraise for important causes.



Esmeralda Theotoky de Feraudy thanked her guests profusely for their support and took us on a journey of her family history in her speech. We learned that her mother and father, Claudia and Georges Theotoky evolved the traditional methods over time to perfect the finest quality organic and biodynamic wines. Esmeralda expressed how they are happy to be supporting organisations that are transitioning towards organic agriculture to preserve the natural state of the island.

We are equally grateful to our guests and business members, who are the key to support us to raise funds for our chosen charities across the island and Greece. Without them it would not be possible to make such a great impact for our beloved island! Valeska Selini, the curator of CFS, thanked our guests very much for their support and participation in the charity event too – and we are delighted about our kick-off event to benefit charity organisations and their values.



From this event, Corfu Agro is being supported to organise educational workshops at the Theotoky Estate at the end of April 2020. The charitable workshops are free for anyone interested in learning about organic gardening, agriculture and composting. For more information about the use of the fundraised money please visit

Following the incredible success of our first charity event, we have decided, together with the Theotoky family, to organise them now annually. That is why we have already set another date for the Wine & Dine´s.

The next Wine & Dine Charity Event will take place on Saturday, the 10th of October 2020 at the Theotoky Estate in the Ropa Valley, Corfu. The Mazi Farm has been chosen as the charity to benefit from the next event. They focus on Regenerative Agroforestry in Greece. For more information about their cause please visit  

….and we would be more than excited to welcome you at our next Wine & Dine Charity event again or to meet you the very first time in person. But please don´t hesitate and also feel free to enjoy some other exclusive events organized by us.


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